Ugly Christmas Jumper

Disclaimer: I know nothing.  I am learning to geek out and hack.  I do not claim to know any of the technical words, and will probably get lots wrong.  Please be patient :)

the jumper beforeMy first foray into hackery began with a very patient Omer instructing me on the basics of circuit-making.  My plan was to uglify a jumper for my work Christmas do, and thought that LEDs and tinsel would make happy additions to a somewhat plain jumper.

After Omer showed me what to do by making the first one, I began by cutting a bit off each LED “leg” (told you!) and attaching a resistor to each one, to limit the current through the LED.  I then soldered these together, and applied a bit of heatshrink to keep it all together, and protect it.  I then soldered some wire to both “legs” and heatshrank (?) these using a lighter.   Repeat this 2 more times to produce a total of 4 LEDs (2 red, 2 green) to decorate my jumper with.  I then sewed some tinsel and a gaudy glittery brooch onto the jumper, and started to think about LED placement.

Omer then created a battery pack for me, and got a colour-change LED and added this to the mix!  We then placed the LEDs in my jumper, and hot-glue-gunned them in place.  Once the glue was dry, we attached the battery pack (which will use a 9v battery) and placed the LEDs in parallel, and linked them up to the battery back.Jumper

Et voila!  My first experience of soldering was complete.  I am hoping to add much more tinsel to my jumper, and more LEDs, at the next Hack Night, and also hope to attach some LEDs to a hairband to go with my jumper.  Christmas-tastic!

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Han works in a university, helping students find jobs and work experience. She enjoys crafting, languages, growing vegetables, patting cats and drinking beer.
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One Response to Ugly Christmas Jumper

  1. Frank Hersey says:

    Wonderful! We’ve always been tempted to add lights to our sweaters at some point in the future. You’ll have to let us know how it goes!

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