Webcam Infrared LED Hack


Infrared LEDs

At the Can’t Hack, Won’t Hack nights so far, we have had a good number of successful hacks, most of which are documented on this blog.  At Hack Night #2 however, we had one not quite so successful hack – but why not document the unsuccessful as well as the successful? Especially when you see the results from damaging the image sensor on the webcam!

The original idea was to take a cheapo webcam that has standard, and not very effective, visible light LEDs around it, and simply change them for infrared LEDs in order to create a night vision type camera for setting up with motion, (similar to the setup used to create The Video at Hack Night #1).

After Omer and me (mainly Omer to be honest!) had finished replacing the LEDs, we noticed very strange images coming back from the camera.

Broken Webcam

The damaged image sensor.

It seems the heat of the soldering iron had damaged the sensor on the webcam, so not particularly successful, but worth documenting because of the awesome psychedelic images that the camera now produces!

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Tris is a software engineer with a PhD in image analysis. He likes real beer, photography, electric guitar based music and Unix operating systems.
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