Ugly Christmas Jumper: follow-up

Christmassy jumpers

Competition rivals

So the day came for the Christmas jumper to be worn to my work Christmas meal, and it was very well-received by most of my colleagues.  What I had not anticipated was the need to canvass for votes prior to the meal…and when the votes were counted, I didn’t place within the top 3! Understandable when you see the skill of some of the competitors’ jumpers!  It was a really fun competition, and Helen was the rightful winner.

After the result was announced, lots of people did come up to me and ask about it, and when I told them the hard work that had gone into it, were amazed that I had soldered things together!!  So, next year, the plan is… BIGGER, MORE LEDs, and more promotion!!!

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Han works in a university, helping students find jobs and work experience. She enjoys crafting, languages, growing vegetables, patting cats and drinking beer.
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2 Responses to Ugly Christmas Jumper: follow-up

  1. Frank Hersey says:

    Just seen your other post… So it did work out in the end! Well done. Good luck with aiming for the top this year. We love Christmas jumpers!

  2. Han says:

    Thanks Frank! I am hoping to give it another go this year with a huge collection of a few hundred LEDs that a friend kindly gave me! :)

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