HGD 0.4.0 Released

Version 0.4.0 is all rolled up, so come on people grab a copy! See the change log for full details but the biggest new feature is scripting support. You can now add your own functionality to HGD via Python! This means that adding new functionality like scrobbeling should be a few lines of plugin code. The plugin support still needs work but you should be able to get your hack-on now.

Whats new?

  • Scripting support (via experimental Python plugin system.)
  • Coloured output.
  • New Autoconf based build system
  • Tag support for mp3, ogg etc.
  • HUD refresh rate in hgdc configurable
  • Possible race condition fixed when voting off songs.
  • Password can be set in config file for the lazy
  • Bugfixes

For a full list of changes / issues see github.


About Mex

Computer science PHD student from Canterbury. Interested in concurrency, mostly CSP and Occam-pi.
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