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HGD 0.4.1 out now!

Less than a month since our last release and we are at it again! This is just a maintenance release really but we have snuck in a couple of new features for you to play with. Whats new. HUP support … Continue reading

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Adventures with Radare2 #1: A Simple Shellcode Analysis

Radare2 is an open-source reverse engineering toolkit, consisting of a disassembler, debugger and hex editor. In this article I will show you the basics by reversing some shellcode I found on Project Shellcode Shellcode To put this into context let’s … Continue reading

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phphgdc – A PHP client for HGD

HGD is Edd and Mex‘s awesome network playlist daemon that we use at our hacknights. It lets us queue songs from our machines to a single set of speakers, which is infinitely easier than swapping an audio cable around every … Continue reading

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