HGD 0.4.1 out now!

Less than a month since our last release and we are at it again! This is just a maintenance release really but we have snuck in a couple of new features for you to play with.

Whats new.

  • HUP support Hit HGD with a HUP signal and it will restart and reload its configs.
  • Daemonisation HGD now acts as a proper daemon
  • Syslog support Now you don’t have to rely on stdout for logging.
  • Clang analyze target For you clang users try make analyze and lookout for new bugs before committing.
  • Bug fixes various minor bug fixes.


Grab the tarball or visit the project page.

About Mex

Computer science PHD student from Canterbury. Interested in concurrency, mostly CSP and Occam-pi.
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