CantHack..MedHack! A trip to Medway Innovation Centre

CodingAt the end of August, we were kindly invited to visit, and make use of the facilities at, the Medway Innovation Centre. We had met a member of Medway Makerspace at BarCamp Canterbury earlier in the year, and we were intrigued to see the venue that they use for hack meetups. We were all suitably impressed with the amazing facilities, and the guys there were so accommodating (even to those of us who were crafting rather than hacking!). We were given the use of two of their rooms and this kitchen (key for refuelling with tea – good work on the tea-making, Rob) and spent a good twelve hours making and doing.

The room I was in was affectionately known as “Mex’s sweatshop”.  Here, I was employed to sew Mex’s Tinkersoc t-shirt, ready for him to wear at the University of Kent Freshers’ Fair.  He stencilled the logo on the t-shirt, and I sewed EL wire onto it in the shape of a transistor.  I covered the parts that didn’t need to light up with black electrical tape, and soon it was complete.  Sadly there are no action shots of it!

Crafty goodness

I then moved on to make some things from felt under the instruction of Debora (a felting pro). Marianne copied a picture of Shaun the Sheep for me onto some paper, and I used it as a guide to cutting out pieces of felt. I went on to make a Sonic the Hedgehog (without using a template, hence a tad wonky) and a bracelet made of buttons, a necklace mainly made of buttons, and fixed an old heart-shaped necklace. Debora made the troll, Pacman and ghost, button ring and flower hairclip. Marianne made the keyhole necklace and Mex wore the hairclips! All in all it was a really fun and productive day. Just wish the place was nearer then we could join and hack away there as often as we wanted!


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Han works in a university, helping students find jobs and work experience. She enjoys crafting, languages, growing vegetables, patting cats and drinking beer.
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