Hama bead madness…

Well it’s been a long time since an update on hackery, and a lot has happened! So here goes, an attempt at covering the last 3 or so months…

I found a new hobby! Crafty but not too difficult (unlike sewing/knitting/jewellery making malarkey). I’m not very patient, and I find fiddly things too…well…fiddly! So I’ve found something on my level. According to Wikipedia, “plastic fusible beads are also known as Perler Beads, or called “melty beads” by young children. These small colorful beads can be placed on a solid plastic-backed peg array to form designs and then melted together with a clothes iron; alternatively, they can be strung into necklaces or bracelets, or woven into keychains. Fusible beads come in many colors and degrees of transparency/opacity, including varieties that glow in the dark or have internal glitter; peg boards come in various shapes and several geometric patterns.”

The main thing to note here is that this is usually a hobby for children. This means that it’s not fiddly (yippee!) and you don’t need to be very patient (hooray!!) so it suits me down to the ground.

I started off making coasters, by copying patterns I found online and filling in the space around the pattern and making it into a square. I then began going “freestyle” and making up patterns, as well as interpreting cross-stitch patterns to make other designs. Then I came across how much 8-bit art has been made with these beads. There’s an amazing amount!

Some hama bead creations

Some of my hama bead creations

I then had a go at turning my creations into necklaces, brooches and magnets, which worked well. I have since sold some of them at various craft fairs, and have plans for giant 8-bit art as well as more different types of wearable geekery :)

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Han works in a university, helping students find jobs and work experience. She enjoys crafting, languages, growing vegetables, patting cats and drinking beer.
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One Response to Hama bead madness…

  1. I love the Hello Kitty and Digital Camera designs… So cool.

    Do you mind me asking what sort of prices you were selling these items for at craft fayres?

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