BarCamp Canterbury recap.

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BarCamp Canterbury 2012

Updates on the blog have been a bit thin and far between recently, but that’s because a lot of us have been busy organising BarCamp Canterbury. The event was run a couple of weekends ago (Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of April 2012) and thankfully all our preparation was worth it as the event went without a (noticeable) hitch.

I thought it would be helpful to share what we have learned, for any one else thinking of organising a BarCamp.


  • Use EventBrite, their service is brilliant, and made keeping track of people/tickets sold a piece of cake.
  • Oversubscribe. We have a 30% no show. If your limit is 100 people you can probably issue 120+ tickets safely.

Food and Drink

  • Fifty people got through 140 pints of Ale and 40 pints of cider.
  • Sainsburys do Catering!
  • People get grumpy without coffee.


  • Follow up with sponsors. Some companies only replied to second email.
  • Make it clear what you expect from your sponsors, and what they should expect from you.
  • Ask for “stuff” many companies won’t give money but they will hand out freebies.

I hope this helps you if your thinking of running a BarCamp or similar event yourself. Please leave a comment if you think of anything else that would be helpful.

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Computer science PHD student from Canterbury. Interested in concurrency, mostly CSP and Occam-pi.
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