hgdc-x 0.5.3

I know it’s been quite a while since the 0.5.3 release of the hgd server, but I finally got around to completing the latest version of hgdc-x, the cross-platform GUI hgd client. It is compatible with any of the 0.5.x versions of the server.

hgdc-x 0.5.3

hgdc-x 0.5.3

Changes include numerous bugfixes, a redesigned GUI and a better user experience. There are pre-compiled binary versions for Linux, Windows and Mac (Universal binary for Tiger 10.4 and later).

Get it from http://hgdcx.canthack.org

About Tris

Tris is a software engineer with a PhD in image analysis. He likes real beer, photography, electric guitar based music and Unix operating systems.
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4 Responses to hgdc-x 0.5.3

  1. Static-void says:

    Universal binary possible? Or a linux powerpc version? Willing to build it if I can get a copy of lazarus and the source!

  2. Tris says:

    Yes both are possible, but I don’t have PPC hardware freely available to me.
    The project builds with the latest Lazarus. Universal binary can be created using lipo on the Mac to combine the current i386 Mac binary with the one you can build using that.

  3. Tris says:

    In fact, I may even be able to create a Universal Binary for mac OS X 10.4 and later by cross-compiling. Watch this space!

  4. Tris says:

    Downloads updated! Full PowerPC and Intel (via Universal Binary) for Mac OS X Tiger and above.

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