I would like to introduce WolfBot, a new IRC bot that moderates a game of Werewolf.

Werewolf is a social game in the ilk of Mafia and has become very popular at un-conferences such as BarCamps. There are many rule variants of Werewolf, but this bot probably most closely matches the rules set out in ultimate werewolf, with some changes to make it fit better to IRC, the voting system is slightly different for example.

WolfBot is based on the popular PircBot Java IRC framework. It is a collabrative project between me, Twigathy, and a number of other people. The code is avaliable on github (tpcarlson/Werewolf).

WolfBot is currently playable in #wolfbot on the boredicons irc network and. Use the command “!join” to start playing (please note if there is a game in progress you will have to wait for it to finish before you will get voice in the channel).

This post is a quick follow up to a talk I gave at BarCamp Canterbury, my original slides are available.

About Mex

Computer science PHD student from Canterbury. Interested in concurrency, mostly CSP and Occam-pi.
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