CantHack presents at Digibury.


Thanks to everybody who came to Digibury this week, we had a great time and we hope the people who came enjoyed the session. The slides are available below, as well as the light painting pictures you made! I am probably going to reuse the session for TinkerSoc at some point so please leave any feedback you have in the comments with any way I can improve the talk.

About Mex

Computer science PHD student from Canterbury. Interested in concurrency, mostly CSP and Occam-pi.
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3 Responses to CantHack presents at Digibury.

  1. Luce says:

    This looks so cool, wish I could understand it!
    Would be cool to do some art in light :)

    • Mex says:

      What bits are you struggling to understand? There are some good articles on light painting around the web if you want to know more?

  2. Luce says:

    It’s ok, I had a private lesson today from Tris so I am all clear :)

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