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PiPurr – The Remote Cat Interaction Server

All the best hacks and open-source projects come about by scratching personal itches. In fact when asked by friends and acquaintances “How do I start with coding – what should I write?“, that is my usual answer – “Find something … Continue reading

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CantHack presents at Digibury.

Thanks to everybody who came to Digibury this week, we had a great time and we hope the people who came enjoyed the session. The slides are available below, as well as the light painting pictures you made! I am … Continue reading

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hgdc-x 0.5.3

I know it’s been quite a while since the 0.5.3 release of the hgd server, but I finally got around to completing the latest version of hgdc-x, the cross-platform GUI hgd client. It is compatible with any of the 0.5.x … Continue reading

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I would like to introduce WolfBot, a new IRC bot that moderates a game of Werewolf. Werewolf is a social game in the ilk of Mafia and has become very popular at un-conferences such as BarCamps. There are many rule … Continue reading

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A brief history of my Zipit Z2

For a while now I have been playing with the idea of building my version of the perfect alarm clock. My original ideas involved the Arduino and the Arduino Ethernet Shield. This all changed when I was introduced to the … Continue reading

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RickRolling The Trolls

This post is inspired by a video a friend (Reashlin) sent to me (embedded below). In their company it is policy to lock computers when users are away from them, and if a machine is left unlocked it is customary … Continue reading

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Today I was reading about self-modifying code. I knew some things already – for example it is used sometimes as ‘camouflage’ by malicious programs to cover their intent, by JIT compilers, and for optimising loop evaluation functions. Suppose you have … Continue reading

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hgdc-x. A Cross-Platform, Native hgd Client.

At Can’t Hack’s recent Medway Hack day, which took place at the Medway Hackspace, I decided to work on a new desktop /GUI client for the hgd music server. The current crop of hgd clients does not so far include … Continue reading

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Hexy: Binary to Hex Array Converter.

Just after the second hack night,  Tim was temporarily staying at my house for a while, and one evening just happened to be working on some embedded PIC stuff. He was writing a system to serve an image over a … Continue reading

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Lazarus Talk at Barcamp Canterbury 1

This weekend just gone saw the first Barcamp to occur in my home town of Canterbury. It went incredibly well and was greatly enjoyable. It was my first Barcamp, and I presented one presentation on the open source Lazarus IDE, the slides … Continue reading

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