Ideas for our upcoming hack evenings.


  • Multiple viewpoints for video capture. [1] [2]
  • MorseCode decoding using plumbing


  • More PiPurr functions.
  • Lazarus progress “spinner”.
  • Do some stuff with 16F PICs.
  • Translate DLL for my interface board to run in Linux with Lazarus/Freepascal.
  • Think of a use for my interface board!
  • Low level Arduino coding, similar to Edd’s work.
  • Look into parallel programming on the Arduino, similar to Mex’s work.


  • More LEDs on the Christmas jumper!
  • LED jewellery and accessories
  • Get Google App Inventor to work properly with the Orange San Francisco and start making Android apps Dropped phone on hard floor and it stopped working. Possible project: get it working again!
  • DIY cake stand using vintage plates like this one
  • Decorate/makeover of coffee table
  • Cover dining room chairs
  • Hama bead jewellery Done!